As a thoughtful human being wanting to live a rich and full life,
  you may be having a painful or frustrating experience. Perhaps you feel:
•	a deep hunger or longing inside you defying all attempts to find words for it 
•	fears of being unorthodox if you were to be your full self in the world
•	secret yearnings for creative freedom and a rich spiritual life  
•	lack of clarity, a sense of not knowing what the next step would be….
it may seem you don't even know how to get started.

  Perhaps you are struggling with old family or cultural experiences and  
  notions of spirituality and creativity that don’t fit who you are
    - like others you might feel imprisoned by a male dominated imagery 
  for the Holy, or pressured to take the Bible literally. And maybe you’ve 
  been taught that creativity is a gift given only to the select few, 
  to the Real Artists…

  As you get more and more frustrated with whatever is blocking you 
  from being creative and from connecting with the Source of Life, you 
  may begin to doubt your own gifts and find yourself at a complete 
  standstill in living your life as you dream it could be. 

 Whose Spirituality Is It?
 People come to me saying they want to get unblocked with their 
 creativity or their spirituality, but when I talk to them further, what 
 emerges is that they really want to draw from their own deep well of their 
 Soul and live out loud in the world. When you do have a real 
 experience of Spirit, releasing old stories and unleashing abundant 
 energy, you will find that your own imagination, that which expresses 
 your joy in life, is a primary and profound language for communing 
 with the Sacred. Spirituality, totally unique to each person, is a 
 private and personal inner conversation with the Holy which begins at 
 birth and continues throughout life. 

 Why Your Hunger is Important
 When you acknowledge your hunger for a meaningful and heart-infused 
 life you are already taking the first step towards a life of creativity 
 and holy relationship. When you take the next steps, connecting with 
 that fragment of the Sacred that dwells inside each and every one of 
 us, you will 
•	find your energetic core ready and waiting to supply you with abundant energy,
•	discover freedom to easily express your deepest self, and 
•	experience a joyful depth charge of energy and kinship with all that is. 

 Get Ready to Claim Your Own Joy
 What I offer is a pathway of five key ingredients leading to 
 spiritual integration and creative freedom, so that you can share 
 your creative and healing gifts in the world. As you bring these 
 ingredients into your life, you will find your former frustration and the 
 dregs of your weariness magically melting away in an ocean of light  
 where curiosity and creativity splash and play. 

 Are you done with feeling stuck in a barren place, existing in a 
 life that only seems to skim the surface?   You deserve to live a 
 life that draws from the deeply nourishing and exquisitely 
 beautiful. Why hold  back? 

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