The Heart-Infused life
Do you want to live your life spiritually awakened and creatively charged?
   Awaken to your own life
and unleash
your personal power and freedom!
  Is your creativity seeking an outlet for expression?
     Are you hungry for the feast of real intimacy with the Divine and with the Earth?
          Are you yearning for clarity 
                   about your own journey?


Who do I work with? 
     …poets, pilgrims, artists, explorers, wannabe writers, mystics - ”ordinary”  hungry people with undefined yearnings – is this you?
    …people who have a creative project waiting inside them – a book, a symphony, a dance, poems, sculptures or paintings…  
   …those who long for a connection with the sacred that would really feed their soul

What Will You Receive? 
 + an ongoing partnership based on kindness and respect 
 + safe space, deep listening, compelling questions, whimsical humour 
 + consistently being seen as whole, capable, resourceful, and delightful!
 + an ally who completely trusts in you knowing where you want to go next and that
your own quiet inner voice is the voice of your own truth 
 + acknowledgement and celebration of your insights, triumphs, and transformations!

How Does It Work?  A coaching relationship consists of a 3 to 6 month commitment to 30 minute weekly phone sessions. Within these sessions you as client set the agenda, while I as coach bring the invitation of compelling questions in a my complete focus to supporting you on your journey of transformation into clarity and power.

What does it cost?
 - an initial 1-2 hour session in person to create the road-map for your journey
 - four 30 minute weekly sessions, plus unlimited e-mail access for sharing insights and questions (I will always read them and respond briefly as called to)
	$300 per month

Are you done with feeling stuck in a barren place, existing in a life that only seems to skim the surface? 
Do you want to find out what that longing within you has to say?  
Get ready! Work with me and approach your life from a fresh new direction. 
Sign up to entertain unusual solutions that open whole new worlds of possibility. 

You deserve to live a life that draws from 
the deeply nourishing and exquisitely beautiful.

Why hold back? Become a joyful expression of your true essence.
Sign up for One-on-One Coaching - Your Life is waiting!
Imagine having tools and practices
to support and sustain you
in a rich creativity and spirituality!
Imagine your own creativity and spirituality
in full effortless flow in your daily life!
What my clients say
“Gyllian, you are incredibly gifted at listening. Your perspective is always positive and fresh. Your observations, options and exercises were intuitively perfect for me. The check-ins held me accountable in a gently irresistible manner. Besides, you’re just fun to talk to!”
   M-L Monroe, healer & writer
“Gyllian, working with you is like diving into a deep clear lake of love and
wisdom.  You are so intuitive, kind and aware, and listen so profoundly,
right into the core of whatever is going on with me.  With your help my
creativity has flowered and my life in general has felt a deeper sense of
        Tina Tau, author & poet
“...Gyllian, in the year I spent working with you I found your process very respectful of my goals and preferences.  You were able to support and to challenge me in a way that facilitated me both envisioning and manifesting a more enriched and focused work and personal life.... I would definitely work with you again!”  
   Nancy McInnes, Child Care Faculty
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